About Us

We are in the heart of Ankara with years experience and the excitement of renewal

Opened in 1986 as the first 5-star hotel in the capital city of Ankara, Hotel Altınel has been one of the pioneers of the sector for nearly 40 years. With years of experience and the dynamism of continuous renewal, it continues to host its guests with a service principle keeping an eye on the finest details.

Combining the comfort of a 5-star hotel with a customized boutique hotel service concept, Hotel Altınel provides easy access for your business and private travels thanks to its location in the city center. You will experience a privileged service experience at Hotel Altınel, which offers you the warm atmosphere, harmony and order you are looking for in its spacious and comfortable rooms.

With 172 rooms, all designed to offer you a comfortable stay, Hotel Altınel meets your different needs with personalized touches in 30 suites and corner rooms with different features. Knowing all your requests and expectations in detail with years of experience, Hotel Altınel supports your productivity during your business trips and adds pleasure to your private travels with its facilities.

With 11 meeting and event halls catering to different demands, it offers an experience beyond your expectations in different events such as congresses, training activities, business dinners, and special day organizations. While the flavors suitable for the theme of your event are carefully prepared by our master chefs, our expert event team ensures that your organization is perfect from start to finish. All you have to do is focus on your success...

Throughout the day, you can enjoy the unique flavors of Hill 151, which is located in a green garden in the heart of the city and yet away from its chaos. You can have a pleasant start to the day with Hill Brunch prepared with local and natural flavors, while you can have more productive and enjoyable open-air meetings and business meetings at Hill 151, located in the heart of nature.

Our Quality Policy

Each guest is special

As the first 5-star hotel in the capital city, we have maintained our place among the pioneers of the sector for nearly 40 years. Since the first day of our establishment, we have been working with pleasure as a team to provide the highest level of comfort to our guests with the motto, "each guest is very special". Combining the comfort of a 5-star hotel with the principle of a boutique hotel and paying special attention to each of our guests constitutes our basic understanding of quality. Providing a service beyond the expectations of our guests, reflecting all the details they may need in our facilities and services by thinking in advance, constantly updating our understanding of service by closely following the developments in the sector, and providing the highest level of quality in all our services with a strong team understanding constitute the basic pillars of our vision.

With the awareness that our most valuable resource is "people", we place great emphasis on training and motivation programs to ensure continuous development of our human resources. It is among our top priorities that our team members enjoy their work, develop a sense of belonging, and sincerely share our vision. We value upward feedback from all our team members who come into contact with our guests regarding our services, and we carefully follow up on this feedback, and thus, we produce dynamic solutions to the expectations and needs of our guests.

We make sure that all products and facilities we offer to our guests are produced and prepared under the best conditions. We pay attention to the fact that all our food products have natural production conditions, are locally supplied in order to contribute to the agricultural richness of our country, are stored under the most hygienic conditions by preserving their freshness, and are made ready for service.

With the awareness that the most important element of sustainable national development is protection of the environment, we sort all our wastes and recycle them. We make sure that cleaning and hygiene products we use are environmentally friendly and not tested on animals.

For nearly half a century, we have been taking part in social responsibility projects with the awareness of the importance of sharing the value we create; we organize various organizations with charities for orphaned children and leukesev. We visit shelters that host our most precious friends, animals, and share our food.

We value the arts that keep the contemporary face of the country alive, and we feature original works of our esteemed artists in every corner of our hotel. With our sponsorship activities including jazz festivals, theater and stage shows, we host our esteemed artists in our hotel with great pleasure.

By continuously developing and renewing with the awareness and responsibility of the importance of the contribution of our half-century-long presence in the sector to our country's tourism, we are aiming to create value for thousands of local and foreign guests we host throughout the year.